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Treadle Pump (Sierra Magazine)
Nearly two billion people live off the grid or with very limited access to electricity. If you live in slum cities with limited power or in rural parts where the power lines don’t reach, lack of power limits your options in life and it causes unique environmental problems. For one, if you light your home with candles, kerosene or battery operated lights, you create pollution at an alarming rate. Recently Sierra Magazine ran an article about what can be done to provide opportunity for people without electricity while helping the environment. Sierra also mentions our work at The Appropriate Technology Collaborative and our efforts to help people with economically viable and sustainable technologies.
Sustainable design update

WITH 1.6 BILLION PEOPLE LIVING OFF THE GRID, the financial and environmental costs pile up quickly. Residents of the world’s poorest nations sometimes spend a third of their income on kerosene, a fuel that poisons lungs and poses a fire hazard; a kerosene lantern emits 550 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. Battery-powered lights are an option, but could result in mountains of tiny cylinders of toxic waste. Inexpensive devices that harness the sun and wind can supply small amounts of power, come from local materials, and create local jobs. The developing world’s population is expected to grow by 2.5 billion over the next 40 years, so these innovative energy savers can’t come soon enough.

Super Efficient Motors

Molten Steel (NB – Sometime we here at SDU go deep into the geek end of the pool to find you the very latest in sustainable technology.  While this article

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XelaTeco BioDigester

Renewable Fuel

I follow the work of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) pretty closely. Through education and business development AIDG promotes sustainable technologies that improve the quality of life in developing countries. AIDG

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The Purpose of Design is to Improve Life

The Purpose of Design is to Improve Life

Ball-Eastaway House, Glen Murcutt Architect I’m finishing a grant application this weekend.  I have gathered together some Appropriate Technology Collaborative volunteers and designers and asked for their responses to the

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