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Biomimicry is the science of taking inspiration from nature, its models, systems, processes and elements to solve design problems sustainably. Nature provides us with unending inspiration including photosynthesis, natural selection, self-sustaining ecosystems, and evolution. Biomimicry is the art of consciously recapitulating the genius of 3.8 billion years of trial and error to improve everything we design. Architect William McDonough was commissioned by Fortune Magazine to create a design-of-the-future green high rise. McDonough’s design is a biomimetic masterpiece that functions much as a tree, natures high rise, does. The building makes oxygen, distills water, produces energy and changes with the seasons.
Sustainable design update

While this is the Architect’s version of vapourware, it does serve to inspire a new look at what sustainable buildings can be. I hope Perkins and Will, Architects of the aesthetically challenged Antilla building in Mumbai, are open to a redesign.

Another example of biomimetic design that also is visually pleasing is the Eastgate building in Harare Zimbabwe.

Super Efficient Motors

Molten Steel (NB – Sometime we here at SDU go deep into the geek end of the pool to find you the very latest in sustainable technology.  While this article

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XelaTeco BioDigester

Renewable Fuel

I follow the work of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) pretty closely. Through education and business development AIDG promotes sustainable technologies that improve the quality of life in developing countries. AIDG

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The Purpose of Design is to Improve Life

The Purpose of Design is to Improve Life

Ball-Eastaway House, Glen Murcutt Architect I’m finishing a grant application this weekend.  I have gathered together some Appropriate Technology Collaborative volunteers and designers and asked for their responses to the

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